freshPaintIt’s common to hear, “Oh, don’t waste your money on that new paint job. Your car’s perfectly fine without it.” Although considered an aesthetic improvement, paint serves many purposes. One, it contributes to your car’s value, and two, it creates a protective barrier against the elements. As such, while you don’t have to purchase the most expensive option out there, consider repainting your vehicle for the following reasons:

Reduces Rust Buildup

Ever notice small patches of rust on your car? That’s one practical reason paint’s necessary. Covering it up fully prevents the metal underneath from being exposed to the elements.

Better Protection

Did you know that a paint job only lasts a few years? Generally, you’ll get five years out of it before you start to see fading. At this point, your car’s metal isn’t as protected against moisture and UV rays. Essentially, adding new paint strengthens the barrier.

Improved Value

Are you planning to put this car on the market at some point? Rather than sell at a loss, get the most you can by revitalizing the appearance. New paint makes a cornerstone of the steps needed to improve your car’s look.

Restoring the Appearance

Even if you don’t plan to sell, a paint job makes a much-needed visual enhancement in the following scenarios:

  • Your car was in an accident. While the damage has been repaired, the paint still indicates a collision occurred.
  • You have a classic car. Restore its full look, rather than letting faded paint keep it dated.

Extending the Car’s Lifespan

Along with reducing rust, paint helps prolong the car’s overall lifespan, protecting the metal and other interior parts from corrosion.

As many park their cars outdoors, the surface is exposed over years to sun, rain, bird droppings, and tree sap, all of which gradually eat away or fade your paint job. When the car starts to look less attractive, the interior additionally ends up being more vulnerable.

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