paintless dent repairHail hits your car or you get into a minor fender-bender that leaves a couple of small dents, but you dread the time and cost it will take to repair the damage. Not to mention, the new coating of paint may not be an exact match.

If you’re in this situation, there is a quicker and more efficient solution when the damage is only superficial: paintless dent repair. When weighing your options, consider these reasons to use PDR.

1. Lower Overall Costs

When you want your car to look good as new while staying within your budget, paintless dent repair helps keep costs down. This process, in which the dents get massaged out of the metal using special tools, requires less labor and fewer supplies.

Furthermore, because the process takes less time, you likely won’t have to use a rental car as you’re waiting for the repairs to be completed. Also since it’s more affordable, your insurance carrier is more likely to cover the costs, rather than haggle with you over cosmetic improvements.

2. No Lines

For those who want to keep their car looking as spotless as the day of purchase, nothing is worse than a new paint job that does not match the old shade. You notice the demarcation line and find that this visual defect lowers its value.

As one way to keep up your car’s appearance, paintless dent repair eliminates the need to strip off the existing coating, find an identical shade and match the old paint. Rather, the massaging technique kneads the dents out until they’ve disappeared, even under the brightest showroom lights. At the same time, the original factory finish and color remain untouched.

3. PDR Lasts

You might think that, because the metal or panel has already been physically compromised, the dents might come back or your car’s structure is weaker. However, paintless dent repair is not a quick, superficial fix. Rather, the techniques ensure that any dented panels look better and are as strong as they were before.

4. Shorter Repair Time

When larger dents need to be repaired and painted over, work may last a few days. On the other hand, paintless dent repair can take anywhere from a couple hours to a day, depending on what’s needed. In many cases, if you take your car in that morning, it will be ready by end-of-day.

5. It Keeps Your Car’s Resale Value

Especially when you’re looking to trade your car in down the line, maintaining its resale value is important. Unfortunately, dents and other accident reports can decrease the money you’ll get for it. Paintless dent repair can help in a few regards:

  • The car’s original finish remains intact; a key factor in keeping, if not boosting, your car’s resale value.
  • It won’t appear on a vehicle history report. Larger dent repairs can make it appear that your car has been in a major accident.
  • It’s an option for vintage cars that won’t decrease their value.

Realize that paintless dent repair isn’t designed for every type of damage. The procedure assists with getting rid of smaller dents (just one inch big) to medium-size ones (roughly the size of a coconut), but isn’t sufficient for large dents and more comprehensive damage.

If the dents on your car look superficial and one of our techs can confirm no further work is needed, why not give paintless dent repair a try? To learn more, contact our Naugatuck location today.