Everything seems to go along smoothly, until, one day, a light on your dashboard turns on or a rumbling or rattling noise starts below. Every driver should understand his or her vehicle, and if you notice the following signs, service isn’t just recommended – it’s practically a must!

The Check Engine Light Comes On: Perhaps the most obvious, the check engine light turning on indicates something may be wrong with your car’s computerized systems. While you don’t have to panic just yet, this happening clearly signals your car needs service.

Smoke from Under the Hood: Watch out when this happens. Your car may be overheating, and in the process, your engine winds up damaged.

Greater-Than-Average Exhaust Smoke: Smoke from the other end indicates an oil leak may be happening. Want to be sure? Check for black residue or notice a burning smell. If the smoke is white, the engine oil may have mixed with gasoline; as a result, the piston ring seal is broken, and the engine isn’t receiving enough lubrication.

Lags When Getting Up to Speed: When zero to 60 seems to take forever or when a sudden surge occurs, your car may be having transmission issues.

Leaks and Puddles on The Ground: When there’s not just water, it’s time for a service appointment. Coolant, oil, or brake fluid may be dripping out; as a result, your car isn’t receiving sufficient lubrication and could find its lifespan shortened.

A Dragging, Squeaking, or Grinding Noise: There are multiple possibilities – and all may require maintenance. This noise could indicate a wheel or another bearing needs to be replaced, the brakes are having issues, your car may need a new serpentine belt, or brake pads, rotors, or calipers may require service.

Shaking: A few issues may be going on. One, your car may need new tires. Two, it has an alignment issue. Or three, something’s wrong with the exhaust system, especially if a rumbling sound accompanies it.

A Slow Start: By this point, your battery may be dead or about to die. However, it may also indicate a timing problem, faulty starter, a clogged filter, or issues with the engine’s sensors.

Wear Bars on Your Tires: Don’t wait until your tires are bald. Bars along the surface indicate a replacement is a must.

Pulling to One Side: Often, if your vehicle immediately veers to one side, something’s going on with the alignment. It may also be an issue with the steering system or with the brakes.

Knocking Under the Hood: The engine bearings are worn and, because of little to no lubrication, may soon go bad.

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