blog-potholePotholes are formed when precipitation seeps below the surface of the road and freezes as the temperature drops. This causes the ground to expand and the pavement to push up. The ground returns to its normal level as temperatures rise, but the pavement remains raised. When a vehicle drives over the raised surface, the weight cracks the pavement and a pothole is created.

Not only can potholes puncture your tires, but they can also cause them to become worn, giving you less tread on the roads. Low tread tires will not allow you to grip the road as well as needed, especially in wet driving conditions. When driving toward a pothole in the road, try to maneuver your vehicle completely around it or position yourself so that all four tires avoid the hole as you drive over it.

Potholes can also cause premature wear on shocks and struts. Shocks keep your car from bouncing too much, while struts are a part of the suspension system that keep the vehicle flat and balanced on the road. When you hit a pothole, you can feel the impact reverberate all the way up through the underside of the vehicle. Over time, the shocks get worn down from the irregular bounce and the struts become dented. If you notice that your rides are bumpier, you hear a squeaking noise or you have trouble braking, your vehicle’s suspension should be inspected.

Steering system misalignment is another serious issue triggered by pothole damage. It causes your vehicle to drift to one side while driving and you could have to fight to regain control of the steering wheel. You might also notice that your wheel is crooked when you’re driving straight or that your front end shakes when you accelerate. Misalignment of the wheel is a very dangerous problem to ignore; having the ability to be in control of your steering could be the difference between avoiding an accident and getting into one.

If your car has been negatively impacted from driving over a pothole, DaSilva’s Auto Body can perform full diagnostics to identify the source of the problem. We will service your engine and brakes, execute any auto body repairs and detailing & restore the overall performance of your car. Our detail-oriented technicians will complete the job in an efficient manner within a reasonable time frame. Contact our Naugatuck location to schedule an appointment today so driving your car can feel as good as new.