Insurance-SignpostContrary to what your insurance company might tell you, they cannot dictate where you choose to have your car repaired.

Although your insurance rep will try to convince you that choosing your own repair shop location will result in delays, that is not necessarily true. Insurance companies will say anything to get you to choose the repair shop that they have a relationship with, to get more money from you.

DaSilva’s Auto Body wants you all to know that the choice is completely up to you and at our repair shop, you will not face a delay for the required work to be done. Insurance companies claim that choosing an auto body shop that is independent of them will result in a lack of guarantee for the repair work; this is also false.

Under Connecticut General Statute 38a-354, it is illegal for insurance companies to engage in this kind of manipulation of their clients. If you are told that a specific mechanic or repair shop should not be chosen for your vehicle’s repair work, they should be immediately reported to the following organization:

Also be sure to copy all of your filed complaints to the Department of Insurance to: