cleaning blogAre you someone who doesn’t allow food or drinks in his car because you’re worried about a mess? If so, you may only need a thorough interior detailing once in a great while. However, for the rest of us who have receipts on the seat, empty coffee cups in the console and rocks indented into the carpeting, an interior detailing becomes a necessity.

Yet, if you’re going to have the job done professionally, you want it to last as long as possible. Aside from being more tidy yourself, how can you accomplish this? By being strategic about when you schedule an appointment. There are three considerations to be made: how often you use your car, the condition it’s in and the time of year.

How Often Do You Drive?

Many drivers get the most use out of their cars in the summer months. In addition to a work commute, parents are chauffeuring their children to camp and friends’ houses. Families are packing up the car and heading on road trips to their favorite summer vacation spots. At the end of summer, it is likely a mess of sand, discarded food wrappers and other spills. A professional interior detailing can help erase the wear and tear of a busy summer.

Do You Keep Your Car in Decent Condition?

When you have passengers often, you become more conscious about your vehicle’s interior. Yet, some of us are unorganized by nature. No matter how hard we try, it’s difficult to keep our cars in decent condition. On the other hand, some of the mess is unavoidable. Dirt gets on the bottom of our shoes, which then rubs off onto the carpets and in the winter, there is salt everywhere. When enough accumulates, you know it’s time for an interior detailing.

What Is the Best Season for an Interior Detailing?

Depending on your geographical location, fall tends to see the least amount of rainfall of all four seasons. Without rain, you don’t have to worry about trekking mud into your car. As mentioned, there is salt everywhere in the winter and summertime fun ends usually ends with sand. The end of summer leading into fall is the perfect time to have the following services performed:

  • Leather Cleaning: Sun exposure can cause leather seats to fade and possibly crack.
  • Carpet and Fabric Cleaning: Dirt, sand and other spills will be removed.
  • Interior Cleaning: The dashboard, vents, panels and other nooks will be polished.

To schedule an appointment for an interior auto detailing, contact us at our Naugutuck location today.