buffing the exterior of a blue car When the warm, sunny days of summer transition to the crisp days of fall, you begin to notice blemishes on your vehicle. Dust from driving down old country roads on vacation and debris from summertime activities have built up over the past few months. You wonder, is fall the right time to schedule an exterior detailing? The fall season is a perfect time for an exterior touch-up for a couple of reasons.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

During the winter months, our cars trudge through snow, slush and salt on our daily commute. The effects of these weather elements can wreak havoc on the interior and exterior of your vehicle. By scheduling an exterior detailing in the fall, you can form a protective barrier against these elements. Specifically, preserve the paint job and tires.

Protect the Exterior Paint Job

If your home or office complex lacks a garage, your car can become buried in snow during the winter. When we hurriedly attempt to remove it, we oftentimes end up scratching the surface with shovels and ice scrapers. To avoid ruining your paint job during snow removal, have a professional detail the exterior of your car before the snow begins to fall. During autumn, the professionals at DaSilva’s Auto Body can thoroughly clean your car without stripping the protective sealant, as many household cleaning products tend to do. We will also wax the surface, clean the underside and polish the lights and trim.

Keep the Tires Looking New

A vehicle’s tires are the first part to come in contact with road salt, a compound that can cause the undercarriage to prematurely corrode. After driving over salt-treated roads, your tires will appear dirty and dull. Regularly applying polish to the tires after each car wash can help prevent ice and salt buildup. Keep your tires looking shiny and new along with the rest of your vehicle this winter by scheduling a professional exterior detailing.

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