rust on fuel tank coverIn general, rust forms when your car’s metal is exposed to moisture and a chemical reaction sets off the oxidation process. Aspects like dirt, dust and road salt exacerbate oxidation, so rustproofing is recommended before winter to protect your undercarriage from the season’s corrosive effects.

If you failed to rustproof in late fall, the extra moisture of spring packs a one-two punch on your car’s structure. When the issue goes unchecked, rust may gradually eat away at your car’s exterior. In addition to the undercarriage, the fuel tank and other key parts are vulnerable to rust.

With spring already underway, here’s why you should rustproof your vehicle before summer arrives.

More Susceptible In Spring

The spring season is not the best time of year for cars. While the sand and salt from winter roads can create micro-scratches that expose your vehicle’s metal, the change from winter to spring sees more moisture and varying temperatures.

If parked in the driveway, your car has to withstand cold evenings and mornings, followed by afternoons that could hit 60 degrees. In turn, moisture can easily freeze to the surface and seep into the existing cracks.

Additionally, you shouldn’t rely on spring rain to wash away all winter debris. If cold weather already exposed parts of your car’s metal, the moisture sticks around and begins the rusting process.

Summer Conditions Not Ideal

While spring symbolizes unpredictability, summer is humid with high temperatures that heat your car’s sheet metal. Particularly for at-home rust treatments, this environment prevents the formula from fully adhering to the surface and may drip onto your driveway. Spring generally creates better conditions for application, with ambient temperatures, more sun, less dampness and humidity.

Heat is not the only drawback. Wet weather prevents paint and treatments from drying in a reasonable time. As such, even on a rainy or damp day in spring, avoid applying any rustproofing solutions that could leave car’s undercarriage and paint with insufficient protection.
Protect your car throughout the seasons with a professional rustproofing treatment. To schedule an appointment, contact DaSilva’s Auto Body today!