When your car’s headlights are not working properly, visibility is decreased – which increases your chances of an accident. It’s not safe to drive at night or in inclement conditions with a burned-out headlight or clouded view. Statistics show that roughly half of all car accident happen at night, when visibility lessens and motorists are more likely to encounter drunk drivers, pedestrians or animals in the road.

The typical vehicle headlight is designed to last 18 months to six years, depending on bulb type. As a result of electrical system issues or headlamp damage, the beam may be fuzzy or the bulb could burn out faster than expected, quite literally leaving you in the dark.

With these factors in mind, have your headlights checked if the bulb has burned out or the beam is hazy.

Common Headlight Issues

A dim or cloudy headlight beam often stems from one of the following issues:

  • Headlight Staining: The headlamp develops a yellowed, opaque appearance, which can stem from oxidation, dirt and debris accumulation, UV damage, humidity or chemical exposure.
  • Rough Headlamp Texture: Repeat damage from weather and rocks causes the headlamp casing to develop a dented, pitted appearance.
  • Cracked Housing: From an accident or wear and tear, the housing develops a crack that allows moisture to build inside and create condensation along the inner lens.
  • Electrical Issues: A wiring or similar connection issue may cause one or both of the lights to flicker, or one side to appear noticeably dimmer – the result of a blown fuse.
  • Headlight Switch Problems: A poor connection might cause trouble when switching between headlight modes or the switch won’t lock in place and engage when you want to use the high beams.

Car Headlight Repair & Maintenance

When you bring your car to DaSilva’s Auto Body, our team will start by running diagnostic tests on the headlights. From here, a combination of the following services may be recommended:

  • Bulb Replacement: The bulb has simply finished its lifespan and no wiring or connection issues exist. When burned out, it’s important to replace the headlights immediately, for your own safety and to avoid a citation.
  • Headlight Housing Replacement: This process may be necessary if a crack has developed or the exterior damage is beyond restoration. For a precise fit and longer lifespan, we use OEM headlights, opposed to aftermarket parts.
  • Headlight Restoration: If the headlamp has developed a dull appearance, we will sand it down to smooth out any surface scratches or pits and polish away any film. A technician may also replace any seals, so moisture cannot pass through in the future.
  • Full Inspection: When the issue does not appear clear cut, a technician will fully inspect the headlights and related electrical components to determine which repairs or restorative procedures are needed.

Rather than compromise your safety, bring your car in for a complete diagnostic assessment to restore your headlights.
To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact DaSilva’s Auto Body today.