paintingWinter weather causes serious damage to your car. Scraping off ice and driving on salted roads can destroy your paint job, but there is a solution to fix this; a new paint job! So you have your car repainted to repair the damage – how do you keep the paint looking brand new? Spring brings heavy rains and hail that can also lessen adhesion, so follow these guidelines for maintaining your new paint job:

1.    Washing: Do not wash your car for at least two weeks. If you can, try to wait a month before driving through the carwash or washing the car yourself. If you’re worried about the force of the carwash, hand wash at home with automotive soap. Be sure to completely dry all surfaces, as water left behind can leave permanent water marks. Any product other than car soap will strip the paint’s sealant. Continue to wash your car once a month, as excess dirt can lead to corrosion and rust.

2.    Waxing: Wait at least two months to wax your car. Waxing too early could scratch, peel the paint or leave streaks on the surface. Continue to wax your car every six months to maximize shine and protect the paint from natural elements. You can test whether you need to wax your car more often than every six months by paying attention to how moisture reacts. If water spreads instead of rolling off in beads, the car needs a wax job.

3.    Protection: Save your car from the outdoor environment by parking in a garage or under a carport. It is essential to stay away from tree sap, pollen and bird droppings that could lead to a scratch during removal. A fabric tarp should not be used as the only form of cover, since wind could rub the material against the vehicle and damage the paint job. If you purchase a fitted tarp that is not too tight and park under a carport, you have double protection from the elements.

4.    Polishing: We often cannot avoid the road conditions we have to drive on, especially if there is no alternative route to get to your destination. If you must drive on loose gravel, drive very slowly so most of the rocks are deflected underneath the carriage. Use a car detailing towel to apply polish to any chips or scratches as soon as you can.

At DaSilva’s Auto Body, we can repaint your car no matter what the color is. Our experienced technicians will remain as consistent as possible, even if the manufacturer has discontinued the shade. We want you to fall in love with the transformed look of your car. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for the new paint job you’ve been wanting!