technician waxing a carMany drivers like to keep their rides looking sharp and protected from the weather. To accomplish this, waxing is often the way to go, whether you do it on your own or have a professional detailer apply it.

Regular wax applications act as a barrier for your car’s clear coat and paint job, keeping the colors fresh, preventing tree sap from marring the surface and making it easier to clean. These applications can also increase resale value over time.

Even though you know you should wax your car, how often should you actually do it? Consider the following factors.

The Basics

Professional detailers generally recommend getting your car waxed anywhere from every three to six months. However, these numbers are not random, but rather correspond with the seasons and how much damage your car could sustain. With this rule of thumb in mind, make it a priority to get a car wax in spring – before summer’s UV rays hit – and at the end of fall, before winter weather arrives.

Taking seasonal conditions into account, warmer months require less waxing: The weather tends to be mild and has less rain. By contrast, winter has more factors that could degrade your car’s finish – from snow and ice to salt on the roads. In response, some detailers recommend waxing your car every two months when contending with bad weather.

Environmental Factors

What’s the climate like where you live and where do you park your car? In temperate, moderate climates where you keep your car in a garage, fewer wax applications are needed. However, in certain situations, you may need to wax more if you:

  • Keep your car regularly parked under a tree, where sap and other debris can damage the finish.
  • Live in a coastal climate. Salt can fade a finish and corrode your car’s parts, so wax more.
  • Live in an urban environment with more smog, dirt and UV rays. These factors can also negatively impact your car’s finish.
  • Live in a colder climate. When it feels like winter more often, you’ll need to wax frequently.

Vehicle Age

When did you buy your car? Newer cars with a fresher paint jobs don’t need applications as frequently. However, if your car is a few years old, its finish has a greater chance of scratching and will need regular waxing. Additionally, if you’re in the process of restoring a vehicle with a damaged finish, you may need to set aside some time to polish and wax it, in addition to using a color restorer.

How do you know when your car needs another application? Try the water test. If a small amount beads up on the surface, your car is sufficiently protected. If not, consider making an appointment with a detailer.

Getting Work Done

If you don’t have the skills or time to use a waxing kit, make an appointment with a professional detailer. Costs vary based on what needs to be done, with complete detailing included: Hand washing and drying, wheel degreasing and cleaning door jams, trunk seals and windows.

Keep in mind that a trip to the car wash may not be the same process. Automated washes throw the treatment in at the end, but its thin application only offers brief, temporary protection.

Considering vehicle waxing or a complete detailing? Make an appointment with DaSilva’s Auto Body today. To learn more about our services, give us a call.