Time off from work and waiting to hear about the repairs your car needs may cause you to avoid your maintenance schedule. No one likes being inconvenienced and seeing the final bill for all autobody work performed only makes you grit your teeth and wish you’d had it done elsewhere.

For quality work performed at fair prices, drive a few towns over from Bristol to DaSilva’s Auto Body in Naugatuck, CT. We are known for a wide range of car maintenance services and making customer service a priority. We know how important regular maintenance is, from fluid changes to part replacements, and we try to make the process go as smoothly as possible for you.

Auto Body Services

You can expect your technician to know something about your vehicle – we do not simply make assumptions that turn out to be harmful later. Our team takes a thorough approach, factoring in your vehicle’s make, model, manufacturer’s guidelines and history and assesses it with gold-standard equipment. Depending on the reason for your visit, we may recommend:

  • Auto Body Repair
  • Auto Detailing
  • Auto Diagnostics
  • Auto Maintenance & Repairs
  • Auto Painting
  • Bumper Repair Services
  • Car Restoration Services
  • End of Lease Repairs
  • Mobile Dent Repair
  • Paintless Dent Repair


If you’ve had your car registered in this state for at least a few years, you’ve likely been through one or more emissions tests. These go by smoothly, but there could come a time when your vehicle no longer meets the DMV’s recommendations. Instead of thinking you’ve got to go out and find a new car, work with DaSilva’s team to identify and fix these issues.

As a Certified Emissions Repair Facility, we’ve got a staff of highly experienced Certified Emissions Repair Technicians (CERTs) on hand to perform this work. After they’ve assessed and repaired your vehicle and it passes the DMV’s standards at a certified facility, you can waive the cost of the first test. Read more to find out what you have to do.

Commitment to Customer Service

Vehicle maintenance should be as straightforward as possible, from the repairs needed to the payment and other arrangements. Unfortunately, some shops can make it confusing and convoluted. To help you out through it all:

  • We accept all standard forms of insurance, so you’re not left footing the entire bill.
  • We give you a choice of payment options.
  • If our team finds out your car needs more work during an assessment, we notify you by phone. We can complete all recommendations before you return.
  • For a handful of minor repairs, we offer mobile options, coming out to your home or business in Bristol.
  • Upon availability, we offer customers a shuttle service to your location and back, eliminating the need for extra transportation.

Why wait for auto body work, only to have the damage worsen? Address that engine noise or make an appointment for regularly scheduled maintenance with DaSilva’s Auto Body. To learn more about our services or request a time, contact us today.