Automatic Car Transmission GearsWhen your car needs repairs, you hope the technicians provide the best possible solution, rather than cutting corners to save a buck. Yet this is not always the case, based on available resources or an insurance company’s demands, and your car gets repaired with aftermarket parts.

Although the quality of aftermarket parts may be on par with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, that factor is not always consistent. Aftermarket parts are designed similarly to the original counterparts but are not identical. As such, you could find yourself driving a vehicle lower-quality materials not made for your vehicle.

DaSilva’s Auto Body uses OEM parts for all vehicle repairs. There are no guessing games with these parts, which are designed exactly like your car’s existing parts. For your peace of mind, all OEM parts are covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, so they won’t void your lease in the future. Beyond the big picture, here’s why we use OEM parts.

Superior Quality

All OEM parts must pass the manufacturer’s and industry’s strict testing. As a result, they function and perform just as well as the original part and compatibility is identical – no compromises.

By contrast, aftermarket parts don’t go through this degree of testing, may be constructed from lower-quality materials and typically don’t last as long. In turn, these factors impact the part’s performance.

Exact Fit

OEM parts are designed specifically for your car’s make and model. While close, an aftermarket part covers a broader range of manufacturers and models, so the fit is always approximate but never exact. While an OEM part will slide in and function as expected, aftermarket parts may require some finagling and adjustments.

As a result, a poor or less-precise fit places more wear-and-tear on the aftermarket part, potentially causing a premature demise. For this reason, even though OEM parts have a higher price tag, their longevity reduces the number of mechanical issues in the future.

Warranty and Support Network

Because an OEM part is designed for your car’s make and model, you’ll have access to the manufacturer’s full network of support services. Additionally, the part itself is backed by at least a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If more repairs are needed in the future, these factors act as a cushion against defective parts and poor performance. Should you have questions, you’ll be able to deal with someone familiar with the part’s features and operations.
Since the beginning, DaSilva’s Auto Body has placed our customers first, from the quality of our services and parts used to our efficient timeline for completing work. Whether your car needs routine maintenance or you notice a strange noise, schedule an appointment with us today.